UNICORN - artists in solidarity är ett nätverk av konstnärer och kulturarbetare i Malmö engagerade av att skapa ett solidariskt och hållbart socialt samhälle och vidare en konstvärld som inte begränsas av politiska förändringar. UNICORN vill stötta varandra i prekära situationer genom att studera tillsammans, dela resurser och måltider, föra samtal, organisera sig lokalt och sprida kunskap globalt.

UNICORN - artists in solidarity is a network of artists and cultural workers in Malmö which is committed to creating a society based on solidarity and sustainability, as well as an art world not limited by political changes. UNICORN wants to support each other in precarious situations by studying together, sharing resources and meals, having conversations, organizing locally and spreading knowledge globally.



We are welcoming Samaneh Roghani as our new artist in residency for 2021!

Samaneh Roghani (b. 1984) is an Iranian artist based in Malmö, Sweden. She has a Bachelor of Photography from Azad University in Tehran. A BFA and an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. In her works, Roghani weaves together personal stories with universal narratives about people struggling for a better life. There is opposition, resistance, and migration in the face of fear, ostracism, and oppression. Roghani uses a variety of media and techniques, including photography and video. Entangling her personal experience by reproducing self-portraits in the very fabric of her works. Focusing on installations that give the audience a multi-sensory experience by combining visual, auditory, and tactile elements. Creating powerful immersive experiences to convey an understanding of the conditions of our contemporary societies.

This year's UNICORN residency is made possible with support of Perpetuum Mobile and Artists at Risk (AR)-Network, Malmö Konsthall, and BRUNÅKRA Temporary.

OPEN CALL 2021:  Artists in Malmö and Skåne are invited to apply to a Unicorn IA&AR Residency

Deadline: April 15th 2021.

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UNICORN - Artists in Solidarity välkomnar i år konstnärerna Bahareh Mirhadi och Arash Mirhadi till ett två månaders residency under våren 2020.

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